Diving is one of the old and popular sports, and it is widely practiced in swimming places, and it is one of the sports that depends on muscle building and physical strength.

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The spacious fly bridge, which is divided into sun and shade areas, is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing or divers gathering for the magical evenings at sea. 4 double cabin 2 with king size and 2 with single mattresses & Mini-bar. 


It is one of the most popular forms of recreation, and it is one of the most patient sports. Where some people fish

Sailing Overseas

Sailing abroad like Dahab and Ras Mohamed and Tiran Island And so on

Nautical Exploration

Marine exploration is the key to having fun at Sea World with my juliet


It is a type of scuba diving where the divers use breathing equipment completely independent of the surface air source

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The world. It’s always there for you. Enjoy the sea world with my Juliet

Water Sport

Play some water games within the water, some on the surface only, and others under it

Catch a great day’s entertainment on the water with your friends.

Take to the open waters with your friends and family with my juliet


Let’s take a nautical adventure.

Welcome from all over the world. we develop ourselves for the sake of comfort and tyrannical enjoyment. thank you for choosing us. thank you.

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During certain months the weather in the Red Sea can be unpredictable and change rapidly within minutes. The M.Y. Juliet skipper will take great care to predict unsavory weather and under such circumstances the dive itinerary and routing may have to be changed. Most Red Sea wrecks tend to lie in exposed locations with navigational hazards and these will be the first sites not to be included should adverse weather conditions be predicted. At all times the skipper’s decision on routing is final as it is his main priority to ensure the safety of the guests onboard

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The services that Juliet provides to you are among the most important marine services that you enjoy in Sea World, like many other services